Tell a story. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is essential to convey compelling ideas quickly. Nothing does that better than pictures. There are times when photography is inadequate. Illustration has an advantage over photography when telling a story or

Graphic Design

It could be said that design is essentially the process of putting in everything that needs to be there, and taking out everything that doesn’t. That is where I start – with an assessment of what we are trying to

Motion Graphics

Imagery has always been important in presenting a compelling story. As Internet speeds increase and more and hotter media options become available, we must evolve with it. While Flash is fading as a delivery technology, it is still an important


The marketplace is evolving rapidly. Print is no longer the dominant media. The old top-down model of advertising is dissolving and being replaced by an interactive, multi-threading, content-driven human network. As our world accelerates it becomes increasingly important to maintain

My Reel

My Reel

A fly-by of projects and capabilities.

Commercial Art Generalist

For Businesses: Using medicine as a metaphor, you might think of me as a general practitioner. I have overall training and skills in all the aspects of modern commercial graphic art services. I’ll be able to handle most of your

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