Motionside Graphics is a dba for Mark Watkins. I’m a lifetime professional artist in Oceanside CA. I provide commercial graphic art services to business end-users, agencies and studios.mark1-9-13-288p
I’ve been in the graphic arts business since the ’70s, working in-house for corporates and non-profits, freelance for all sorts of businesses and individuals, and directly in agencies. During that time I’ve adapted over and over to changing technologies, cultures and economies. I’ve taught myself programming, HTML, CSS, numerous graphic design programs on Windows and Mac, 3D modeling and animation. I’ve worked mostly in small markets, so didn’t have the luxury of specializing. As a result I feel confident that I can take on most jobs without much fuss. If I don’t list it here, just ask. I either have the tools and experience, or I’ll let you know that I don’t, and suggest some options.